inspired by Rachael's kitchen.

For the love of cooking...


Cooking is a way of life Rachael was born into. She learned a lot of different cooking styles from her maternal grandfather who grew and cooked everything his family of 12 ate, as well as from her dad's family, who embraced the food-rich traditions of Louisiana. To this day, she loves cooking for friends and family, and her enthusiasm shows.


for the love of family...

Like you, I believe that my furry companions are part of my family. And, like you, I only want the best for them — especially when it comes to food. That's why I worked with pet nutrition experts to create Nutrish. So now all pet parents can find great-tasting food made with simple, wholesome ingredients where they shop for their family's groceries.

Partnering with Experts in Pet Nutrition


with experts at Ainsworth Pet Nutrition whose sole focus has been making the safest pet food and treats for more than 80 years.


taste-tested recipes inspired from Rachael's very own kitchen.


delicious and nutritious pet food for dogs and cats.

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