Nutrish® Wet Food for Cats Questions
Are Nutrish® Wet Cat foods all natural?
Yes, Nutrish® Wet Cat foods are all natural, with the exception of the added essential vitamins, minerals and taurine, which combined with our natural food ingredients deliver 100% balanced nutrition for your cat. Like most pet foods, these supplemental ingredients are not considered "natural" due to how they are produced. However, all ingredients meet FDA regulations for safety and our high quality standards.
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Why is there so much liquid in the cup?
Cats crave moisture, the moisture level in our wet cat food was determined to be the optimal level for cat acceptance and enjoyment through a variety of feeding studies.
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Why is there a yellow coloration to the sauce?
The yellow color comes from palm oil and paprika. Both palm oil, a natural vegetable oil, and paprika are used for color and flavor. The yellow color is completely natural and safe. Because Nutrish® Wet Cat Foods do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, a natural separation of ingredients may occur. As a comparison example, think about how the oils separate in natural peanut butter spreads that you may enjoy. For the Nutrish® Cat Foods, simply shake the cup of food, watch the palm oil mix back into the savory sauce, watch your cat enjoy the tasty recipe, and rest assured that she's eating a high-quality, safe food.
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Why is there separation?
You may see some separation necause Rachael Ray Nutrish® wet cat recipes are completely free of any artificial colors, preservatives or emulsifiers. As an example, think about how the oils separate in natural peanut butter.
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Why is it made in Thailand?
Nutrish® wet cat food recipes are manufactured in Thailand by our business partner, Asian Alliance. Because the health of your pets and ours is our top priority, we partner with a highly reputable company who produces quality food products for both pets and humans. We conducted thorough analyses of their processes before deciding to partner with them. They are also in proximity to key sources of raw ingredients and can effectively combine them for our recipes. For more information, please call our Consumer Care Team (1-800-323-7738) or direct message us.
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