Nutrition & Ingredient Quality Questions

  • Doesn't corn cause pet food allergies?

    There is a lot of debate around corn, but nutrition is all about balance, and every ingredient has some pros and cons. Some people believe corn allergies are an issue. That may be so in some dogs or cats, but that's not the case for all of them. If your dog has a known corn allergy, you may want to try Nutrish® Dish or Nutrish® Just 6® Limited Ingredient Recipe, which are both made without any corn, wheat and soy. You can also try any of our three Nutrish® Zero Grain recipes, which are grain free formulas for dogs. These simple kibble formulas may be less likely to aggravate food sensitivities in pets.

    Additionally for Dogs, our line of Nutrish® Wet Foods for dogs is also corn free.

    And for our feline friends, we offer Zero Grain Whitefish & Potato Recipe and Zero Grain Chicken & Potato Recipe dry food - and our line of Nutrish® Wet Foods for Cats is grain free.

  • Where does the Turkey come from?
    We source our high-quality turkey from the USA.
  • Where does the Venison come from?
    We source our high-quality venison from our trusted supplier partners in New Zealand, which is tested and vetted through our strict Food Safety standards and program.
  • What are the benefits of Venison for my dog?
    Venison is a lean, tasty, protein-rich meat that helps keep your dog full and satisfied. It’s also rich in iron to help support and maintain healthy energy levels.
  • When will you introduce new products?

    We will keep you informed of our new product developments on, as well as on our Nutrish® and Nutrish® for Cats Facebook pages.

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  • Will you offer sizes larger than 14 pounds?
    "We currently offer larger size bags (23 lbs +) in select flavors at select retailers. Click here to find a retailer near you."