Nutrish Wet Cat Food Variety Packs Questions

  • Is this product sold only in variety Packs?
    The cat food cups that are in these variety packs have been available as single cups since last year and will still be available as single cups.
  • Why is it made in Thailand?
    It is made in Thailand because we wanted the freshest source of seafood. The majority of seafood is sourced from Asia. This allows us to get fresh seafood into our manufacturing facilities and put it into our recipes; many human seafood products take a similar approach to sourcing. Our facility in Thailand is a state-of-the-art pet food manufacturing facility. We use human-grade ingredients in a sterile environment, and our facility exceeds all FDA regulations for pet food safety.
  • Are any of the ingredients from China?
    No ingredients are sourced from China.
  • Is it all natural?
    It contains natural food ingredients with additional vitamins, minerals and taurine. These additional vitamins, minerals and taurine are not considered natural due to the nature in which they are produced. However, they are essential to ensuring a complete and balanced diet and are found in most high-quality pet foods. All ingredients exceed our high quality standards.
  • Why does it contain added vitamin K?
    Vitamin K is a necessary nutrient for your cat’s complete and balanced nutrition. As seafood does not naturally contain the necessary amount of vitamin K your cat needs, we add it separately.
  • Why is there yellow coloration to the sauce?
    The yellow color comes from palm oil, a natural vegetable oil used for color and flavor. The yellow color is completely natural and safe. Furthermore, the palm oil is part of ensuring our food has the optimal level of moisture and taste that cats crave.
  • What is cellulose?
    Why is it in there? Cellulose is an all-natural dietary fiber source. It is used to increase the fiber levels in our wet cat food to help with hairball control and to help reduce litter box odor.
  • Why is there so much liquid in the cup?
    Cats crave moisture; the moisture level in our wet cat food was determined to be the optimal level for cat acceptance through a variety of feeding studies.