Nutrish Indoor Complete for Cats Questions

  • Where is this product made?
    This product is safely cooked in USA facilities with the world's best ingredients.
  • Are any ingredients sourced from China?
  • Are indoor cats' needs different from any other cat?
    Yes! Indoor cats may not get the same level of exercise as cats who spend time outdoors, so Nutrish Indoor Complete is specially formulated to help support a healthy weight and metabolism for your indoor kitty. This specific formula also contains natural fiber and prebiotics to help support digestive health, and natural antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system. Another win-win: This recipe includes specific nutrients to help support healthy skin and a shiny coat while reducing shedding – which means less hair around the house!
  • Why does Nutrish Indoor Complete contain lentils?
    Part of our unique superfood blend, Lentils are a natural, rich source of fiber and protein and are low in fat to help support your cat's healthy metabolism and optimal weight.
  • Why does Nutrish Indoor Complete contain dandelion greens?
    Part of our unique superfood blend, Dandelion greens are a high-fiber, leafy-green plant that contains natural prebiotics to help support a healthy digestive system. Your kitty will naturally love them and you will love the fact that they help to keep him/her healthy!
  • What is the Superfood Blend that's mentioned on the front of the package?
    Our real superfood blend includes nutrient rich lentils, pumpkin, dandelion greens, cranberries and blueberries that provide natural sources of essential nutrients that your cat needs to help support healthy digestion and a healthy immune system, as well as maintain his or her optimal weight.
  • Can I feed Nutrish Indoor Complete to to my kitten?
    No. Because of the special nutrient profile and fiber blend, Nutrish Indoor Complete Cat Food should not be fed to kittens. However, we do have several varieties of Rachael Ray Nutrish® Dry Cat food that are able to be fed to all life stages including kittens. These varieties include Nutrish Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, Nutrish Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe, Nutrish Zero Grain Whitefish & Potato Recipe and Nutrish Zero Grain Chicken & Potato Recipe – as well as all of our delicious wet food recipes. Just check our feeding guidelines on how to feed a growing kitten, and always consult your veterinarian for advice.
  • Why is the kibble size so small?
    Our team of cat nutrition experts specifically developed the size, shape and texture of our kibble with your cat's unique palate in mind. We carefully designed the ideal small size for ease of chewing and swallowing and also to provide the best texture and flavor sensation for your favorite kitty.
  • How do I switch my cat from his regular food to Indoor Complete?
    Be sure to slowly mix Nutrish® Indoor Complete with your kitty's other food over a five to ten day period until your cat is solely eating Nutrish Indoor Complete. Once your cat is only eating Nutrish Indoor Complete, keep in mind the feeding guidelines on the bag.
  • Where does the Chicken come from?
    The chicken in all of our Nutrish Dry Cat food recipes is sourced from farms right here in the USA.