Grain Free Treats (Beefy Tips/Chk'n Drumstix) Questions

  • How are these treats cooked?
    These treats are made through a dehydrating process that takes out the moisture from the raw ingredients. Dehydrating is a very slow, low temperature cooking process.
  • What is glycerin?
    Glycerin is a preservative that is naturally derived from vegetable oil and animal fat through a natural process. Glycerin helps to keep the treats fresh and safe.
  • Why does it contain brown sugar?
    Brown sugar is a natural ingredient used in very small amounts for flavor and color.
  • Why does it contain salt?
    Salt is a natural ingredient used in very small amounts for flavor.
  • Where are the beef and chicken sourced from?
    Our beef is sourced from the United States and Canada and our chicken is sourced from the United States.
  • Where are these treats manufactured?
    Our treats are prepared in American facilities with safe, quality ingredients.
  • Are these treats all natural?
    Yes, both of these treats are all natural.
  • Are these treats grain free?
    Yes, these treats do not contain any grains.
  • Are any ingredients sourced from China?
    None of our ingredients used in our treats come from China.
  • Do you follow the safe manufacturing practices that the FDA is proposing?
    Yes. The FDA proposal was first published at the end of October 2013, but food safety has been a priority for us for many years, during which we implemented both GMPs (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Controls Program) that aligns with the proposed regulations by FDA. Ainsworth was the first U.S. pet food manufacturer to achieve an SQF Level II certification (this is a third-party verification of a food safety HACCP program), and we’ve held this certification over the last 5 years.