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You Rascal You!

Ever encounter a Bombay cat? They're agile, playful and have the shiniest black coats. And they're big love bugs. So when Midnight—the best name ever for this cat breed—recently crossed my path, I fostered her in a heartbeat. She fit right into the fold with no adjustment time. Then, about a week later, Midnight decided the kitchen counter was her new favorite hangout. While some pet parents are okay with this behavior, it's not okay in my house, especially when I'm trying to cook!

I tried a few diversion tactics to change her ways, like rolling balls for her to chase after. But after playtime, she'd hop right back up on the counter. Then I noticed how she loved to park herself on the back of the couch, a window ledge or any elevated surface. This got me thinking.

Cats love being up high, it lets them keep an eye on things. So I placed a cat tree a little higher than the counter right next to it. I rubbed a little catnip on it to make it much more attractive, and voila! Midnight loved her new perch. Now when I'm cooking, she oversees from there, making her the perfect kitchen companion.