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Why I Don’t Make Cat Videos

We all know the true stars of the Internet are cats. They're adorable, charming creatures who can do all sorts of impressive and humorous things. Watching cat videos puts a smile on everyone's face. Even the grumpiest of individuals are amused by a cute kitten frolicking inside a box. I thought it was about time Mannie and Millie got a taste of the cyberspace spotlight.

Making videos of these two didn't go as planned. First of all, they don't perform on command because...they're cats! Millie makes this unusual croaking sound when she's bird watching. It looks like she's trying to communicate with them, but what's really going on is she's saying, "Hey birdies, want to be my dinner?" Whenever I sneak up on her with my camera, she clams up. Mannie is the same way. He does this high-wire act on the picture moulding. He spots the camera, leaps down and hides. I had no idea they were so camera shy! Their Internet stardom will have to wait.