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What's In a Name?

If you're going to call a cat Mister Cuddles, he'd better live up to the name. This gray-and-white striped Siberian definitely did. He was a big ball of happy cat; as playful as he was loveable. From the moment he turned up at the rescue, I thought he'd be adopted quickly. But sometimes I'm wrong about these things. People are naturally drawn to kittens rather than older cats like Mister Cuddles. I get it. Kittens are irresistible! Yet older cats have their virtues, too. They're more mature and less demanding than younger cats. And they give just as much if not more affection.

I introduced him to many families during his two weeks at the shelter, but alas, I couldn't place him. Finally, I found him a foster home with...you guessed it. Me! Since Midnight went off to her pet parents, there's room in the household for another foster kitty. And most of all, there's plenty of room in my heart.