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What's Hot in the Doggie World

Products and services for dogs are on the rise, including notable trends in all things natural, pet-friendly travel and more! These exciting and innovative options are sure to delight you and your pup.

Natural products

As people continually look for ways to sustain our planet and protect our environment, natural products for Fido are also on the rise. Free from synthetic chemicals and other potentially toxic materials, many of the new products are earning widespread favor. Some essential goods include: holistic grooming products, natural flea and tick repellants, products for older pets, toys made with natural fibers and natural dog foods, like Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain or Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6.

There are also vet-approved holistic and homeopathic remedies and supplements available for a variety of ailments. 

Pet services

Also trending are some unique pet services that include: pet health insurance; self-service dog-wash, where you clean your dog and the business cleans up the mess; yoga for dogs; pet psychic communicators; and mobile pet grooming, which offers door-to-door convenience and stress-reduction services for pets. An excellent option for home-bound seniors with companion animals.

Travel fun

Pet-friendly travel is another high-business growth concept that's being adopted by an increasing number of companies in the vacation and hospitality industries, including hotels, motels and airlines. Just check out the ARK at JFK! If you're interested in these services visit Takeyourpet.com and be sure to look for pet-friendly travel apps.

Pet pampering

While not in huge demand yet, other up-and-coming services include: personalized dog training and upscale and holistic spa services, like pet massage, reiki and paw-tinctures-pedicures for your pooch!

With all that's new in the doggie world, it's clear that man's best friend is not about to be left behind.