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What to Look for When Buying a Pet-friendly Home

Purchasing a home is a big decision, especially when you have pets to consider. Besides having room to roam, most people are unsure about what pet-friendly features to include—or avoid—on their dream-house wish list. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation with these handy tips for buying the best pet-friendly house on the block.

Pet-friendly agents

Worth their weight in gold, pet-friendly real estate agents are experts at finding the right home for your furry family. They know their market and they're confident about which homes offer the best pet-friendly features. A good pet-friendly real estate agent will help you make the right decisions to address your dog or cat’s specific needs.

Safe outdoor spaces

A nice big yard might sound dreamy but consider your pet’s behavior. Will your dog run off into the street or your cat get stuck in a tree? Whether your house hunt includes a backyard or an apartment terrace make sure any outdoor space can be safely enclosed.


Pet parents know which indoor plants to avoid, but what about outdoor landscaping? When looking at homes, pay special attention to what’s growing in the garden. Plants like ivy and ferns are just a few of the many outdoor plants highly toxic to pets that should be avoided.

Stair considerations

Do you have a senior pet? If so, watch out for those steep staircases. Many senior dogs and cats suffer from arthritis and climbing steps will be painful. If stairs are unavoidable, make sure you can modify your new home with ramps to lessen stress on achy paws and stiff backs.

Secure screens

Dogs and cats love exploring their environment. Unscreened windows can lead to dangerous pet adventures. Sadly, animals slip out of windows so often vets have named the problem “high-rise syndrome.” Protect your pet’s health by always double-checking potential homes for secure screens and cut your pet’s risk of injury.

Knowing what to look out for can help pet parents buy the best home for the whole family. Enclosed outdoor spaces and secure screens are a few essential pet-friendly features to add onto your wishlist next time you go house hunting.