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What to Consider Before Cat Fostering

Fostering cats means taking care of an animal until she can be adopted. Typically, this is done through a shelter or cat rescue, but it also happens informally whenever someone finds a stray kitten or cat they can't keep. Is fostering for you? Here are some important points to consider before you begin the foster pet-parenting journey.

Time is of the essence

There's nothing more rewarding than taking care of a defenseless creature that needs your help. It could be the key to her survival. Consider fostering if you have the time to do it right but don't necessarily feel the need for a long-term pet. A cat in a shelter has likely had a disruption in her home life or is extra skittish from mistreatment. So she will need extra love and care to begin to heal.

Be prepared to socialize and train kitty if he has any undesirable habits, like scratching the furniture. Give him plenty of time to adjust to his surroundings. Once he is ready to start exploring, encourage him with treats and toys. If you have resident cats, slowly introduce them to the foster kitty. The goal is a calm environment for all.

The right resources

Whether you're adopting or fostering a pet, you will need to spend money. While the shelter will typically take care of medical expenses, be prepared to pay for food, litter and a few toys, and to look after her grooming and day-to-day health. Ask yourself if you have the resources to make fostering a commitment. If the extra expenditures are a hardship for you, don't undertake it.

Remember what fostering means: taking care of a cat until he finds a new home. It may be a challenge not to get too emotionally attached, but take comfort in the fact that there will always be another little animal that needs you!