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Ways Your Cat Bonds With You

Cats often seem to be of two minds. They have a natural inclination toward independence as well as a desire for affection. This makes it tricky to know exactly where you stand with them. Especially when they want something, like to be let out, let in, or when it's dinnertime. Then they can really pour on the nuzzling! Here's a few ways to tell how they're really feeling about you. 

Bumping and being near

If your cat approaches, tail bouncing in the air, and bumps right into your legs with his head, relish the moment! Head butting is a big sign of affection. He's actually marking you with his scent glands and making you his "property." Let kitty know you care, too, and respond with scratching behind the ears, a treat or some play time.

When kitty follows you around the house, or better yet, curls up nearby when you're reading or watching TV, these are other indications that she enjoys your company.

Instinctive behavior

Kittens and young cats will sometimes knead your lap. This instinctive behavior is how young kittens find their mother's nipples. In a perfectly normal way, they see you as a comforting and protective figure. When they are in this mood, it's always good to return their affection with some snuggling and petting.

Once in a while, you'll find a cat who earnestly sucks on your finger, or who will insist on licking your fingers or wrists. This isn't as tender as it sounds—cats tongues can be sandpapery! But, it's definitely a sign of affection and closeness.

As most cat parents know, just about any sign of friendliness and bonding from a cat is something to treasure.