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Walking Buddies

Jason and I visited his mom last weekend. She lives in a pretty rural area among vineyards and lush rolling hills. It's a big treat to take hikes, enjoy the scenery and fresh air, and relax with Jason's mom, Olivia, who I adore. My favorite part of every visit is when we take her Pug, Scooter, for a walk. As we hit the path behind Olivia's house, her Tabby, Arnie, zips out through the cat door and follows along on his own accord.

It is one of the most charming things I've ever seen! When I asked Olivia how this interspecies walking "group" came to be she explained that she adopted Arnie first, then, a few years later, Scooter came into the fold. Once she and the dog began walking together, Arnie just naturally joined in—no training required! This trio has been the talk of the neighborhood ever since. That's the thing about cats, they are always filled with adorable surprises.