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Whenever I see Mannie looking longingly out the window, I wonder if he misses the outdoors. He was a stray when I found him. So I got to thinking about putting a leash on him and taking him out for walks.

Plenty of YouTube videos instructed me to train him indoors first by getting him used to the harness. He played and gnawed at it then got bored and took a nap. Later, I put the harness on him, using a little wet food to distract him. He padded around the house and slept some more. Feeling confident, I attached the leash and let Mannie drag it about for a few days.

Finally, the moment of truth. I held the leash and encouraged Mannie to walk with me. He took a step, then flopped. I enticed him with a treat. He yawned. I opened the garden door. Once he got a whiff of the fresh air, he slowly crept outside. I let him go where he wanted. It was more like he was walking me, but I was fine with that. Mannie gets to enjoy the outdoors again, and that's a great thing.