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Volunteers: the Lifeline of an Animal Shelter

Becoming a volunteer is one of the greatest ways to help a local animal shelter or rescue. You don't need a specific skill set either. There are plenty of ways to contribute, and the animals will love you for it.

Daily care and support

Volunteers are crucial in every facet of the shelter animals' daily lives. They walk them, feed them and help groom them. They provide playtime and, most of all, provide cats and dogs with much-needed comfort by interacting with them. Volunteers also offer adoption support by answering questions and helping to connect families with pets.

Community outreach

Volunteers are invaluable for helping connect communities and shelters. This often takes the form of reaching out to residents and businesses for donations of much-needed funds, food and supplies. They can host or help set up fundraisers and meet-and-greets at community events, as well as help design invitations and posters to place around town or hand out to community members and small businesses.

Social media

These days, having a social media presence is crucial for all business, and shelters are no exception. The skills of tech-savvy volunteers are highly prized for helping with daily social media needs and answering queries from the website. Volunteers who enjoy photography or writing can take pictures of the shelter animals and write bios about them. Inviting friends to like and share posts encourages engagement and helps spread the word about animals available for adoption or fostering.

Be a foster

Foster volunteers also offer care for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. They help socialize the animal and learn as much as they can about him to find the best home possible. Fostering also frees up space for another rescue in need.

Volunteering has many rewards: it benefits the organization and above all contributes to the well-being of many animals.