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Virgo Cat (August 23-September 22): The Clean Cat

Virgo cats would have their owners believe they are completely self-sufficient and nothing fazes them, but the truth is they are huge worriers. They crave stability and order, don't like loud noises or voices, and are unhappy if their routines are upset. While they usually appear calm and unruffled, they are prone to digestive disorders when they are anxious—if there's a new cat in the neighborhood that's intimidated them or loud construction going on next door, they are likely to vomit in your bedroom slipper or behind a door, hoping you'll never know, because they are hugely embarrassed about not being perfect. Or being messy.

Aim to please

More than any other zodiac sign, Virgo kitties want to please their owners and rarely act out. On the rare occasion that you might not clean their litter box often enough, they will try to bring your attention to the matter in the most genteel way possible, by going outside the box, but always neatly.

Great communicators

Ruled by Mercury, these natives like to communicate with their humans and will carry on long conversations if you let them. They are especially pleased when their humans talk back, making them the perfect pet for someone who spends a lot of time alone. They don't like frivolity or flattery as a rule, and are happiest when they feel they are being useful.

Good caretakers

Virgo is the sign of the caretaker, something these natives demonstrate if their humans are ill, refusing to leave their bedside. A Virgo kitty gets along best with Cancer, Taurus and intellectual Aquarius, who don't like touchy-feely pets as a rule.

Most desirable qualities: intelligent, low-maintenance, well-behaved
Least desirable qualities: fussy, clean, anxious