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Ultimate Gift Baskets for Cats, Cat Lovers and Cat Parents

What cat fanatic wouldn't adore a basket overflowing with thoughtful and fun items? There are plenty of pre-made gift baskets on the market, but your thoughtful DIY version lets you take charge of the quality—and safety—of the items in your gift.

Choosing your basket

Any sturdy, attractive basket from your local crafts or thrift store will do. But you might consider putting everything in a basket a cat will love curling up in, or even a real cat bed. Before placing items in your basket, scrunch up some colorful tissue paper to form a base in which to nestle gifts. When your basket is filled, cover it with cellophane tied with a pretty ribbon on top—one that's irresistible to a cat (and that's wide and long enough so it can't be ingested). 

Gifts for new cat parents

A fun mix of gifts for the new kitten and her doting pet parents is the best idea. Grooming tools, kitty litter, cat-safe cleanup products, a catnip or cat grass plant or seeds, and plenty of the toys kittens love: feather wands, cardboard scratcher toys, catnip critters and paper rolls. Gifts don't have to be expensive, and you can even make them at home. Start new pet parents off with sure-to-be-healthy meals suitable for kittens, like Nutrish PEAK wet food for cats. 

Basket for kitty

Think fun—and safe—when making a basket for that favorite cat in your life. Rather than a cute, colorful food dish, choose one that's easy to clean and sure to last (human cookware-grade stainless steel is the best). Then pour out the love on all the cat toys he adores, plus some special treats like cat-happy herbs, or delicious individual packets of Nutrish Purrfect Broths. For that super-special occasion, why not an engraved cat-collar tag?

What would your cat give you?

There's no better surprise than a gift basket from that special fur buddy to her favorite human. Never one to be humble, a portrait of herself tops the list. What about something gourmet? A wheel of that brie she's always begging for, or cat-shaped chocolates (not to be shared with kitty!). Pictures or coffee table books with fun or classic cat photos are always appreciated, as are cat-themed DVDs and photo albums. An elegant silver frame with a picture of you-know-who will keep your furry beauty close at all times.