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Top 5 Reasons Cats Go Up for Adoption

Some may assume there's something wrong with cats in pet rescue shelters. This is not true. Most often, cats are homeless due to circumstances that are avoidable or easily solved. It's wise to consider these factors before you adopt.

1. Allergies: Since a quarter of the population is allergic to cats, there's a chance that you or someone you live with may have an allergic reaction. When cat fur and dander become airborne, they settle on clothes, carpeting and furniture. If inhaled or in contact with the eyes, they can cause irritating symptoms. Cleaning helps but can't completely eliminate traces.

2. Moving: Some apartment buildings and communities won't allow residents to keep pets. Do your research. During packing, cats get stressed and may dash out of the house to hide. Keep cats safe in a closed-door room or carrier.

3. Cat costs: There's a price for the pleasure of a pet, even if minimal compared with the joy. Budget for cat care expenses: spaying or neutering, tests, vaccinations, food, litter, toys and accessories. It all adds up. Shop for sales and discounts for products and procedures.

4. Incompatibility: Territorial pets in the family can cause fights or injury to vulnerable new kitties. Safety for all is critical and there are ways to help pets adapt. Check rescue organizations for assistance from a pet behaviorist. Try foster care first to test relationships.

5. Litterbox issues: Finicky cats can refuse to use litterboxes if they are not cleaned often. Or maybe they need a different brand of litter or their own dedicated box. Accidents could also mean a medical issue.

Make thoughtful choices for your feline companion to avoid parting with your beloved kitty. Try the easy solutions before giving your cat up to a shelter.