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Too Much Chewing

I've seen cats do some very odd things. One foster cat used to squeeze himself between the couch cushions, while another had a "crush" on Mannie. Like a shadow, she followed him everywhere. Later, a foster cat named Smokey came into my life. A graceful gray cat with a low-key personality, she was an instant hit with the household. Until she started obsessively chewing the wool rugs—enough to make holes! As cat behavior goes, hers was one of the strangest, and I knew it wasn't normal.

The vet quickly concluded that Smokey had feline pica. It's a condition that can be triggered by a mineral deficiency, stress, boredom or a serious illness. Fortunately, her overall health was good. The vet adjusted her food, suggested I up her activity levels and provide safe options for chewing, like catnip. The tempting rugs had to go, too. The recommendations helped. Eventually, Smokey was adopted. Her new pet parents reported that she's not chewing any rugs, but she's become unusually attached to their Cocker Spaniel, Buddy. I'll bet they're a cute couple!