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To the Groomer We Go

I get this question a lot: what's the first thing I need to do before bringing home my adopted cat? My answer: take her to the groomer. This is, of course, after the cat has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. At all the rescues and shelters I've volunteered at, this is standard procedure before any animal is released.

Rescues and shelters can be notorious flea havens so going to a groomer first keeps the pesky critters out of your home! I neglected this step when I brought home my first foster cat. The poor thing was loaded with fleas and I didn't know it. This kicked off an infestation that still makes me shudder. Never again!

Sad to say, your newly adopted furry one may not be the cleanest. Not all rescues and shelters have the necessary resources to keep litter boxes as clean as they should be and the place spotless. Grooming her first gets rid of any lingering scents—other cat scents as well—and helps give her a fresh start in her new home.