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Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Bed for Your Bestie

A dog bed is an important item for both you and your beloved pooch, and essential to a dog's health. It protects her from the cold and drafts, offers her a space of her own—and protects you and your home from dirt and dander. This can be especially important for family members that suffer from allergies, as a dog bed helps isolate dander and flying fur.

There are a lot of beds on the market. So take these tips into consideration before making the splurge.

Is he a snuggler or sprawler?

For small dogs, a donut-shaped bed with rolled sides is always a good choice. He can curl up and rest his head on his “pillow” to feel more secure.

A single flat cushion or pillow top is great for the dog who prefers to spread out at bedtime.

Comfy beds for aging dogs

Older pets may need an orthopedic mattress to ease joint pain and offer extra cushioning.

If your dog has “leaky” issues, consider a model with a waterproof cover that is easy to clean and will keep her dry. These beds come in several fabric choices, but all should wick away moisture from your dog while protecting the inside cushion. Covers should be machine washable.

For elderly or sensitive dogs, look for a bed with memory foam, and/or a heated model to soothe aching bones and ease sensitivity. These models can be a bit more pricey, but they're worth it.

Secure her space

Whether she sleeps in your room or a room of her own, keeping the bed in the same place will give her a sense of peace and security. So be sure the bed you choose is the right size for the room.

If she sleeps in a crate, look for a bed that slips easily into the space and has a washable waterproof cover for any occasional accidents.

Removable cover

Remember, dog beds get dirty and smelly and need washing. Beds with a removable cover that you can pop into the machine are by far the best and most economical choice. 

Style for both of you

With the huge array of choices on the market, you’ll have no trouble finding a bed that matches the style and needs of your dog, your home and your budget.