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Three's a Crowd

"What are those crazy cats up to?" I shot an eye at the clock. It was 3:10 a.m. and from the hallway I heard thumping. Then yowling started and I knew. I had started fostering Tula, a scrawny black-and-white Mixed Breed with a funny chirping meow that just melts your heart. She had been abandoned near the cat rescue where I volunteer. She's needy and requires extra TLC, which I'm happy to give her.

For Mannie and Millie it's another story. Both are laid-back kitties. They've seen foster cats come and go, so they're secure with the social order in our home. But Tula has brought out the green-eyed monster in both of them!

Now, I usually let cats work things out between them, but this time I had to take action. I boosted my cuddle time with Mannie and Mille to reassure them of my affections. At night I separated them from Tula to stop the sneak attacks and allow myself some badly needed sleep. After a week of this, Mannie and Millie went back to being their cool-cat selves and left Tula alone. The three aren't besties. But as long as they're calmly ignoring each other, it's all good with me.