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Thinking of Becoming a Pet Foster Parent?

Many homeless pets started out in homes where they were well-loved family members. There are many reasons these furry companions find themselves homeless and alone, but thanks to foster care, they can be restored to caring, temporary households until the right forever home can be found.

Why foster care?

As hard as they try, it's impossible for rescue facilities to care for every homeless dog and cat. In these cases, foster homes become the ideal salvation.

In most cases, foster dogs and cats do not live in kennels. Instead, they dwell inside the foster parent's house and are treated as one of the foster parent's own pets. The foster dog or cat's medical history and temperament are vital to ensure successful integration into the home.

TLC and costs to consider

Foster families provide a number of things, including a healthy and safe environment for their foster dogs and cats, transport to and from the adoption center and all necessary vet appointments, socialization and cuddle time to incorporate positive family and pet relationships, and lots of exercise and uplifting stimulation.

This all costs money, so the foster parent should make arrangements to pay for the pet's food and vet care, plus any additional amount agreed upon by both parties.

Becoming a foster care provider

If you choose to become a foster care provider, you will give these precious pets a second chance in life.

To take the first step, visit www.petfinder.com to find rescue organizations near you. You can request a favorite breed and location. You can also find toy breed rescues, giant breed rescues and organizations with a focus on senior animals, special needs or puppy adoption and fostering.