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The Power of Cats to Help Treat PTSD

Cats are an ideal emotional support animal and help ease the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and other anxiety-related conditions. With quiet affection, their deep attachment to people has been a successful treatment for both physical and psychological health.

Cat lovers already know the joy of cuddling up with a soft warm kitty and being charmed by their playful personality. So imagine how they can soothe the well-being of people suffering from chronic health concerns. Pets help the elderly cope with a sense of isolation and now "animal-assisted therapy" is proving successful with hard-to-treat combat-induced PTSD in veterans.

Benefits of cat companionship

Medical studies in the field of human-animal interaction have documented people's recovery from stress-related illness through interactions with dogs, cats, horses. It's become an accepted addition to conventional care, like counseling, medication and peer support and has been proven to have these benefits:

• Reduces anxiety and promotes tranquility
• Lowers blood pressure
• Boosts the immune system
• Motivates activity
• Improves mood and enhances empathy

Warm fuzzies

Like a child's smile, a kitty melts away troubles. Their playfulness brings joy and their cuddling is a comfort. Cats will get you out of bed in the morning and keep you moving. Yet felines don't place overwhelming demands, just enough to require our care. Answering a cat's needs, keeping them fed, safe and happy helps focus attention away from troubles and offers a sense of purpose and value.

Aloof and unfriendly?

It's a common misconception that cats are anti-social. A cat's image as independent belies their loving bond with people. Pet a kitty and feel her response, especially when she purrs. The immediate relaxation boosts mood-elevating chemicals in the body, like serotonin. According to research, the frequency of purring calms like meditation. Cats play a key role in the healing process for stress-related conditions, and can improve everyone's health.