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The Latest in Dog Beds: Do They Really Make a Difference?

Whether your pooch prefers to stretch out on his back or curl up in a ball, he needs a space to call his own. The right dog bed provides not only a spot to sleep on or keep toys, but a sense of security and belonging. We put a lot of thought into our own mattresses—comfort, cost, style—why do any less for our dogs?

Basic Bulldogs

Your dog's breed and personality should determine the bed that suits him best. Fleece keeps hairless breeds warm and elevated cots keep thick-coated dogs cool. Shy dogs like a cave in which to burrow and puppies need raised side bolsters so they can't climb out. All these can be found inexpensively at chain stores or online.

Special-needs Spaniels

Older dogs with stiff joints will benefit from the support of orthopedic memory foam or traditional spring mattresses. Pets with allergies appreciate hypoallergenic filling to protect against fleas and dust mites. For incontinent elders or untrained pups, look for a waterproof or washable cover.

Earth-conscious canines

Organic fabrics, such as cotton and chemical-free hemp are good for all dogs. Mattresses made from recycled materials, like rubber or plastic bottles, may cost a bit more but are very durable and tend to last much longer.

Posh pooches

If nothing out there suits your décor, doggy duvets can update an unattractive pet bed or even be stuffed with old clothing, giving pooch a pallet he can paw to his heart's content! Novelty items like a pet-sized sofa, canopy or bunk beds are adorable, as long as doggy digs them too.

There are as many types of dog bed as there are types of dog. Still, some prefer the floor or your bed. In the end, sleeping dogs lie wherever they want!