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The Ins and Outs of Cat Grass

Cat grass is everywhere nowadays. Sold in pet stores and flower shops, pots of bright green cat grass blanket our modern landscape. The truth is, many pet parents know very little about cat grass or its benefits. What is cat grass? Should you get some for your cat? And most importantly, is cat grass safe for your furry friend?

Let’s cut through the hype and discover all the ways cat grass can be good for your kitty's health.

What is it?

Cat grass is a type of cereal grain, also known as oat or wheat grass. It’s loaded with vitamins and known to contain certain immune-boosting properties in humans. Cat grass is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow, making it possible for both indoor and outdoor cats to enjoy.

What does it do?

Cat grass can induce vomiting, so it’s believed cats naturally eat it to treat furballs. When chewed, cat grass may also get rid of your cat’s stinky breath! The added fiber in cat grass can also naturally aid digestion, but watch out. Eating too much grass can cause intestinal blockages.

Does my cat need it?

Cats are carnivores and require very little plant matter in their diet. The lack of scientific research on cat grass and cat health makes it hard to back up any purported health claims. Despite this, many pet parents believe cat grass to be a positive addition to their cat’s daily diet.

Is it safe?

Yes! Cat grass is non-toxic and safe for kitties. For outdoor cats, a pot of cat grass outside decreases the chance he will munch on the neighbors pesticide-sprayed lawn. Indoor cats will love having a plant they can call their own. The best part—cat grass is harmless, easy to grow and a great way to add enrichment to a cat’s environment. Not to mention enhancing our own windowsill!

There's still much to learn about cat grass, but the positive benefits seem clear. Cat grass helps with furballs, cures stinky breath and is safe for indoor and outdoor cats. Get some cat grass and let your cat be the judge!