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The Big Snoozer

Mannie has always been a big sleeper. I'll leave the house and return hours later to find him exactly where I left him. As he's aged — he's almost eight — time in slumberland has gotten longer. What started to worry me wasn't the amount he slept but how he behaved when awake. While he's always been a calm and relaxed cat, I noticed he had zero energy. He had stopped playing, and eating seemed like a chore. The next day I took him to the vet.

Turns out kitty had a low-grade urinary tract infection, so the vet prescribed medication and some extra TLC. While I hadn't noticed other symptoms, like difficulty urinating, sudden lethargy in a cat is a good indication that something is not right. It's been a few days and Mannie is showing a little more pep in his step. I'd sweep him into my arms for a snuggle but I think he's napping.