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The Benefits of Dog Obedience

There are few things more frightening than seeing your beloved pet run into the street. Proper obedience training can give you the vocal command to stop your dog safely in his tracks. It can also reduce unwanted behaviors, like bolting out a door or chasing another dog. Training your dog gives you an invisible leash to help keep Fido or Fifi out of danger. It really is the best pet insurance you can have.

A socialized dog is a happier dog
Socialization simply means your dog is comfortable with the world he lives in. You, your house, other people, even simply being outdoors are all potentially frightening to a young or newly adopted dog, and he needs your patience, encouragement and consistency to get used to it all. Let him go at his own pace, reward him for reacting calmly, and soon he'll know how to behave in all kinds of situations. Help him to learn a few basic coping skills and he will become a happy member of your family pack.

Take her places
How great would it be to be able to take your dog to a park or friend's house without worrying she will make a nuisance of herself, or of you? Obedience training gives you the confidence to take your dog anywhere stress-free. Plus, having guests in your home will no longer mean having to shut her away or in her crate, worried that she might do something cringe-worthy. A well-trained dog is a dog you can make a full part of your life.

You'll love them even more
Proper training builds a relationship between you and your dog based on mutual respect and understanding. It makes him a happier and more content canine, and gives you a pal you can take anywhere with confidence.