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Share the Cat Love

Pet parents around the world simply can't get enough of posting funny and cute photos of beloved furry felines. So it's no surprise that the number of cat-photo-sharing sites and apps continues to grow. As for me, I love checking out these sites for a fun break during the day. Any bad mood is instantly lifted!

Mannie and Millie are camera shy, so all thoughts of creating Instagram accounts for them went out the window long ago. However, the website for the cat rescue where I volunteer has been getting lots of engagement on their photo-sharing page.

So we've asked pet parents to post cute pix of their adopted cats. Not only has the response been amazing, it has some important outcomes. First we get to see how the cats are doing, and second it draws attention to the rescue site, which helps other kitties find new homes. The more photo-sharing sites the better, especially when it broadens the cat-lover community and benefits the animals.