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Scorpio Cat (October 23-November 21): The Living Sphinx

Scorpio cats are a category unto themselves. They are clever, wily and always territorial. They are positive that they are smarter than their owners and very rarely, if ever, follow orders or do what is expected of them. Don't even bother calling them, because they never answer. If you're all right with that, or even amused by it, then this is the cat for you.

Not needy

Never needy, they are strong-willed, independent, courageous and self-reliant. These are the kind of cats that have no qualms about taking on a bear, an alligator or a large dog. But one word of caution: never call them cute.

Fierce protectors

While they may act aloof, they form deep attachments to their owners and are fierce protectors of them. They are also incredibly jealous and will go out of their way to terrorize visitors or even cat siblings who they see as competition for their human's affection. Hissing is the least of their offenses.

Mysterious mind readers

Scorpio is the sign of the occult and all that is mysterious so don't be surprised if your kitty seems to read your mind. There is no "seems" about it. They know before you even get the suitcases out that you're going on vacation and most likely taking them to the cat "hotel." And forget the visits to the vet. Once the thought crosses your mind, a Scorpio kitty is bound to go under deep cover and you won't find them until long after office hours. But don't worry, Scorpio is the sign of doctors and usually these natives are very healthy.

Don't think about embarrassing them

They are a very sensitive sign, although they hide it well, and if they think you don't take them seriously, or you try to embarrass them by dressing them in funny cat clothes, they will certainly wreak revenge, either by burying your car keys in their litter box or scratching a little message into your damask sofa. The best human parents for this sign are those who admire the Scorpio's self-containment and don't have a need to mother their pets. Aries, Aquarius and Leos are good matches for these little devil cats.

Most desirable qualities: aloof, jealous, willful.
Least desireable qualities: form deep attachments to their humans, self reliant, don't need much attention.