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Pisces Cat (February 19-March 20): Water Babies

The gentlest of souls, a Pisces is everything you'd want in a cat. Graceful and unobtrusive, with the ability to appear and disappear at will. The 12th sign of the Zodiac is a psychic chameleon and can adapt his or her mood to their pet parents, intuiting exactly what is needed at any given moment, and almost always mirroring their human's moods. This signs' symbol is two fish swimming in the opposite direction, signifying that these natives can be both this and that: strong yet vulnerable, stable yet inconsistent, friendly yet moody, but always able to able to adjust to any situation.

Rain on me

Ruled by Neptune, these natives actually like water, and have been known to leap into a full bubble bath or insist on being let out in a rainstorm. These cats are extremely sensitive, some might even say psychic, and seem to know exactly when you plan to bundle them off to the vet or attempt to de-flea them. That's when they perform their own brand of magic by disappearing.

Big talkers

These cats are very vocal and excellent mimics, happy to carry on long conversations with their humans, which is especially important for those types who work at home and don't see a soul all day.

Homey snugglers

Pisces kitties are one of the least independent signs and born homebodies. They get along well with siblings and are especially bonded with their humans. If you have to leave them alone, make sure you don't put them in a kennel but hire a cat sitter who promises to stay in the house with them. Also leave them an article of your clothing so they can snuggle up to it. The best pet parents for this sign are nurturing Cancers, equally psychic Scorpios or Virgos who are mystified and entranced by them.

Most Desirable Attributes: human-loving, peaceful, even-tempered
Least Desirable Attributes: a little clingy, over-sensitive, don't like being alone