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Pet Rescue During a Crisis

Whether it's an approaching hurricane or a fast-spreading fire, knowing what do to with your pet during a crisis can be the difference between life and death. Follow these tips to ensure you and your pet are prepared in an emergency situation.

Emergency kit

No matter the type of emergency, every pet parent should have a pet emergency kit handy. In the kit you'll want to include a name tag, leash, harness, water bottle, food bowl, medicine and medical records, cat litter and tray and enough food for a minimum of three to seven days.

Research pet-friendly shelters

In evacuation situations, pet parents may be surprised to learn that not all emergency shelters accept pets. Avoid stress by planning before disaster strikes by identifying pet-friendly shelters in your area. If none is available, contact nearby hotels. Many hotels will offer accommodations for you and your pet at discounted rates.

Assign a pet guardian

Never leave your pet home unattended during a rescue crisis. It may be weeks before you can return home after a flood or devastating fire. If you are forced to separate from your pet, make sure she is in good hands. Arrange with a friend or family member to be your pet's guardian until it is safe to return home together.

Carry a picture

When Mother Nature strikes, pets typically try to hide in dark places. During an earthquake or flash flood, there might not be enough time to search for and rescue your pet. If this happens, keep a picture of your pet handy. A photo makes your search easier and increases the odds of being reunited.

No one knows when an emergency situation will arise. Protect pets by planning ahead. Locating pet-friendly shelters, having a pet emergency kit on hand and naming a pet guardian are easy ways to gain peace of mind and ensure things run as smoothly as possible during a crisis.