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Over-grooming It

Millie, my Siamese-Tabby beauty, is the queen of the house. She loves lounging and grooming. If you dare disturb her she'll flick her tail and won't interact with you again until she's good and ready. The other day I noticed she was spending what seemed like hours licking her belly. When I snuck a peek, I discovered she had licked off all the fur on one spot! This got me thinking: cats obsessively lick themselves for a reason. If they have fleas, if they're experiencing pain or if they're distressed.

A thorough flea combing of Millie's coat turned up no fleas, so that wasn't it. Nothing was happening in the household to cause stress either. But I remembered changes had been made to her food because little Miss Diva had suddenly gotten picky about the menu. Maybe she had an allergy? A trip to the vet revealed Millie was allergic to something in her new wet food, which had caused an itchy patch on her skin. The vet prescribed medication and placed a soft protective collar around her neck to keep her from licking the area.

The hair has grown back, and her licking sessions are back to normal. As for the collar, I think she misses it—it made her look more queenly than ever!