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Not Just for Kittens

Last weekend, a volunteer brought in an unhealthy cat he'd found in an alley behind his house. The stray was the scrawniest little thing and she was so weak and malnourished she could barely move. It was heartbreaking to see the condition she was in. But this kitty still had a lot of fight in her—and her meow was mighty. The first thing we did, after cleaning her off and the vet exam, was feed her. We've found that kitten food is the best for underweight cats of any age since it contains extra nutrients, protein, calories and fat. Sure, a starved cat will eat just about anything and still gain weight. But at the shelter, we always want to make sure feline diets are healthy and balanced.

Kitty is slowing plumping up and getting her strength back. It could take weeks if not months for her to reach a healthy cat weight. In the meantime, the volunteer who found her has agreed to foster her. We're all thrilled about that! A caring home is always the best medicine.