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Maybe They Don't Want to Be Alone

Sun, sand and spa are my first thoughts when planning a long weekend getaway. The next thought is always: "Who will pet sit?" When I need to go away for business travel, my guy Jason steps in. He knows the kitties, they know him, he stays at my house—it's the perfect solution. This time, since we'll be traveling together, choosing the right pet sitter is an important decision.

Cats are creatures of habit. They thrive on it, so any change in routine can bother them. I learned this the hard way when I left them alone for a weekend—with plenty of food and water, of course. When I returned, the place looked like it had been trashed by home-alone dogs! A table lamp was knocked over, books were scattered on the floor and my bath towel hung in tatters. I knew my cats liked human interaction, but I had no idea they'd get this upset without it.

Now my pet sitters double as house sitters. The cats are comforted by having a person around, and I can travel in peace, knowing they and my home are secure. It's a win-win situation for everyone.