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Introducing Kids to an Adopted Cat

Bringing an adopted cat home for the first time is a big deal for everyone. Adopted cats are sensitive to new environments, especially if not accustomed to a family with children. Getting introductions right in the beginning is crucial for forming friendships. Learn how to properly introduce kids to your newly adopted cat by following these easy tips.

Prepare in advance
Animal adoption agencies spend time pairing cats with the perfect families. Talk with workers about initial introductions with kids. Depending on your cat's personality, meeting children might require more or less contact in the beginning stages.

Practice patience
When bringing an adopted cat home for the first time, it's best to keep her in a quiet space, separate from the rest of the family. In the beginning days, keep the kid visitations to a minimum until your cat acclimates herself to the sounds and smells of her new family.

Sock trick
Establish good vibes through scent. Place your children's socks inside your adopted cat's bedding. Allow kitty to rub his nose and face over the fabric. Have kids wear the socks during initial introductions. Your new cat will recognize the scents and identify your little ones as friends.

Teach proper petting
There are right ways and wrongs ways to pet a cat. Unfortunately, many children don't know the difference. Show kids that long strokes and scratches under the chin are a great way for them to form close bonds with their new feline friends.

Adopting a cat is a rewarding experience for the whole family. Slowly introducing children, practicing patience and using scent are all easy ways to make your new feline family member feel welcome from the very beginning.