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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Sad

Sometimes a change in her life, like the loss of a doggie friend or pet parent, a move to a new home, or even a different daily routine, can affect our dog and cause her to lose interest or act out in troubling ways.

Look for the signs

1. Loss of Appetite. This may be the first indication that something’s not right, especially if your buddy loves his mealtime.

2. Sleeping more. If your dog is sleeping too much and is reluctant to join in on favorite activities, maybe he needs your attention.

3. Excessive licking. If you’ve ruled out any injuries, this might be a sign she needs comforting. 

4. Isolating. If your dog enjoys hanging out with the family, a sudden withdrawal is unusual and noteworthy.

5. Boredom. If she resists going for a walk, or even playtime, she might be experiencing the doldrums.

What to do

1. Take your dog to the vet to rule out any physical ailments and discuss the recent changes you’ve seen.  If everything checks out, ask for suggestions to help her feel better.

2. Take stock of any big changes in the environment, like a move, a divorce or new family member, or an illness in the family. Big upheavals or emotions in a dog's family and environment can translate to disruption in his emotional world.

3.  Reinforce a daily routine. A dependable schedule with a walk and consistent meal time is comforting and helpful to dogs and for you as well.

4. Give him extra love and attention. One-on-one time, affection and treats will show him he’s important.  

5. Take weekly field trips. Get out of the house and over to the dog park or nature path for some R & R!

Taking the steps to insure your dog’s well-being will also insure your happiness as her beloved parent and caretaker as well!