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How to Create Your Cat’s Instagram Page

Whether its snapshots of your cat being silly or artfully crafted portraits, your pet’s Instagram page can invite followers to experience what it’s like to have a cat as delightful as yours. Here’s how to create one.

Gmail.com for pets

Though you share a home address, Instagram doesn’t allow more than one email address per account. Your pet needs her own. A service like Google’s gmail.com includes freebies like photo backup and storage.

Give kitty a nickname

The next step is choosing a username. Brainstorm one that’s short, catchy and memorable. An easy convention to follow is “your cat’s name” plus “what’s special about them.” Alternatively, your pet’s markings or backstory may inspire a name.

The internet’s most famous sourpuss, Grumpy Cat @realgrumpycat has a natural frown that suggests he’s perpetually annoyed. He’s won the hearts of users with 2.4 million followers.

Not your typical cat bio

You get 150 characters to highlight what’s special about kitty. One Australian cat named Millie is a rock climber. Betsy Alexander’s cat, Nora, is a musical pet prodigy who started playing the piano when she was a year old.

Put your best photos forward

Your pet’s profile photo makes him recognizable to followers. Instagram displays square photos only for this section.

When posting stories, make sure pictures are HD quality with good lighting. If your pet has any unusual markings, consider making a special hashtag like #beardedcat. Don’t forget the humorous and "bad-fur day" shots. Did your pet do something naughty and get into trouble? Please share! Who can’t relate to that?

When shooting video, turn your phone to its horizontal orientation. Remember, Instagram has plenty of documentation about sharing photos and videos.

Build an audience

To help build audiences, Instagram uses hashtags to make content discoverable. Try these when posting:

#cat, #cats, #instacat, #catstagram, #cats_of_instagram, #catlover, #catlovers, #catsofinstagram, #catoftheday, #kitty, #kittycat, #petsofinstagram and #adoptdontshop

Having an Instagram page for your cat is fun—and it can help others. One of Instagram’s most popular cats is @lizafootlesskitten, a rescue cat who was born without back feet. Liza’s bio begins “Lisa Lou Makes Do with Two…”. 

We can’t guarantee your cat will become a rescue ambassador or an overnight viral sensation, but it’s a nice gig for a cat. And remember, keep kitty sleek and ready for her close-up by feeding her products with real, healthy ingredients.