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How to Create Those Cozy Spaces Cats Just Love

Have you ever had to search high and low to find your missing kitty? It's amazing the hideouts cats find: under the bed, in the back of a closet, curled in a cupboard or squeezed into a drawer. They also love slipping into paper bags and playing in cardboard boxes. Felines need their hidey holes to grab a private nap or some alone time in a warm, safe and remote spot.

This vanishing act comes from a cat’s natural instinct to stay safe from predators in the wild—not to avoid you! It could also be a reaction to a sudden noise or shyness of a new guest. An out-of-reach place or a perch with a view of their environment provides a sense of solace and protection.

An escape in every room

You can create a variety of cat dens around your home for a quick retreat wherever your cat feels overwhelmed. This is especially important in a multiple-pet household. Some tips to transform a spot into a feline sanctuary:

  • place a soft cushion, fleece or towel in a favorite hiding spot
  • add a toy to make it extra inviting
  • clear a space for her between books on a shelf
  • don’t forget a bit of catnip for sensory fun!


Bedtime, anytime

Remember that unmistakable look of annoyance when her sleep is disturbed? Some cats like a secluded spot for a snooze. When selecting a bed, chose a style best-suited to their desire for privacy. Many cats like an enclosed bed that helps them feel secure and warm. These types also help conserve body heat:

  • a “cup” bed with high sides to surround them
  • a “cat cave” (or A-frame) bed with a roof
  • a basket lined with a baby blanket or your T-shirt (your scent is soothing)

Cat beds can be as easy as a flannel thrown over a chair or a rug near a heating vent. If you share your bed with pets, prep a place with their own bedding.

DIY cat cubbies

Keep an eye out for a special cat hiding places: nestled under furniture, atop the fridge, in an unused sink, at a windowsill gazing on nature. Other cozy spots include:

  • places to bask in the sun
  • a tunnel toy to burrow into
  • cat trees to climb with bed boxes
  • scratch pads

Cats also enjoy a good game of hide-and-seek. So pretend to hunt for them, call their name and try to make them leap out. When they emerge, they’ll want to cozy up for cuddling and petting with you.