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How to Commission a Pet Portrait

Think about it, oil paintings are one of the most enduring art mediums, far outlasting paper and Instagram. A pet portrait commemorates your bond or makes a wonderful gift for the pet lover in your life. It’s a lovely tribute to a pet who may have passed and held a special place in your heart.

How to begin

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is never truer than with art. Start by comparison shopping the phrase “pet portraits.” Pay special attention to the artists whose style you like and have experience painting your pet’s breed or mix.

Where will you hang the portrait?

Portrait prices are often based on size. Work backward. Know where you plan to hang the picture, then commission it. This is a bit trickier if the portrait is a gift. It’s usually easier to find space for a smaller picture.

What photo do you plan to use?

Your artist will need a visual reference. To really showcase your pet, you’ll want a photo without a busy background. Some artists will substitute backgrounds so don’t eliminate a photo because of the background. If your pet’s portrait includes other pets or human family members there’s usually an additional charge.

How to make your pet portrait unique

What will you want to remember about your pet? Did they have a favorite chew toy or sitting spot? Try to capture your pet in these moments and provide that photo to the artist. Don’t worry if your photo isn’t perfect, the artist can make enhancements.

How to order your portrait?

Before ordering, read online reviews at places like Yelp or ask a friend for a referral. It’s safest to use an individual or company that lets you approve the work in progress and offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy. For something completely unique, see a tattoo artist to create a signature, premanent piece of art for your body.