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How Does Opening your Heart to a Dog Change your Life?

Loving a dog has rewards that can go way beyond having a furry friend to watch TV with. Being a dog parent can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

The physical

Having a dog to love might just mean living longer. Studies have shown that people with dogs have reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure and overall higher levels of activity. Dog parents tend to get sick less. Did you know that simply petting a dog can lower your heart rate? And if you have children, allowing them to grow up with a dog in the house makes them less prone to allergies. A dog really can help you live a healthier life.

The emotional

Dogs can reduce stress levels by getting you out of your own head and encouraging you to be positive. Taking care of a dog can actually help lift you out of a depression, sometimes more effectively than through medication. Studies have shown that just looking at your dog releases oxytocin, the chemical in your brain that makes you feel happier. Also, because dogs are fairly effective burglar and intruder deterrents, people tend to feel safer with a dog in the house.

The social

Taking your pup out for a daily walk not only ensures you get that recommended 30 minutes of exercise, it might also get you a date! Dog parents tend to be more outgoing and friendly, and taking a stroll with a tail-wagging pal on the end of a leash is a fabulous way to meet people. A dog gives you an endless topic of conversation, and someone with a dog tends to be trusted more than someone without one.

Simply bringing a dog into your life can make you healthier and happier. And opening your heart to a dog helps you open your heart to other people, too.