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Hide and Seek

Something shiny peeking out from under the rug caught my eye. It was one of my gold earrings. So that's where it was—it had been missing for over a week! This wasn't the first time a small item had disappeared off my nightstand and turned up in some random part of the house. Before the earring, I found a silver pin behind a dresser and a sports sock tucked into a bookcase. I knew these things didn't get hidden on their own. My foster kitty, Oscar, had to be responsible. My things only began disappearing after he arrived.

Oscar loves to play with practically anything: balls, wadded paper, small toys. The problem with energetic cats like him, is they get easily bored with their playthings. When that happens they seek other forms of entertainment, like jewelry or other items lying about the house. I once heard of a cat who liked to hide car keys. What a hassle!

To prevent Oscar from further mischief, I put jewelry and anything important out of his reach. So far, nothing else has gone missing. On second thought...I haven't seen my new lipgloss in awhile!