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Help! My Cat Hates To Be Petted!

People show cats love by doling out the cuddles and kisses. Cats are sometimes not the most affectionate pets and when a cat clearly avoids this affection it's easy to feel rejected. If your cat refuses to be touched, it is usually due to an underlying issue. Here are a few explanations for your cat's lack of affection and ways to address it.

High anxiety

Fact about cats: felines can experience deep levels of stress if petted too frequently. Constant human contact can cause cats to release hormones linked to anxiety. If your cat is anxious each time you touch her, a hands-off approach could work wonders for your relationship.


Each time you stroke your cat, his body receives thousands of tiny shock waves of stimulation. Too much brushing or petting can quickly turn a pleasurable experience into something quite painful. Pausing in between strokes ensures your cat's body doesn't become overstimulated.


Was your cat adopted? If so, her upbringing might be related to her no-touching policy. Kittens raised in stressful environments typically received very little affection. Adopted cats living in loving homes will become affectionate over time. Patience and space is often all your cat requires.

Hidden injuries

Cats do a lot of crazy things when we're not looking. If your cat refuses to be touched in a specific area, she may be injured. Respect her wishes but be observant to her movements. Cats are the masters of hiding their injuries! If your cat is limping or is stiff, schedule a visit to the vet for a thorough examination.

Just because your cat refuses your touch doesn't mean it's forever. With patience and proper understanding, your kitty will warm up to your affections. Just give your cat—and yourself—time.