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Help! How Do I Give My Cat Medicine?

Giving a sick cat medicine is really stressful. One rattle of the pill bottle and your cat's claws are out, ready for war with your fingers. Thankfully, there are tricks that can make your life easier. Say goodbye to nasty cat bites and battle wounds by trying these methods.

Keep calm

If you are stressed out, your cat will feel stressed too. Maintaining an air of calmness will help your cat heal faster. So before you give your cat medicine, check in with yourself and release any anxiety you might be harboring.

Be prepared

Take control of your cat's health and prep your supplies beforehand. You'll want everything at your fingertips before your cat tries to flee under the bed. Keeping everything in one place will make the process much smoother in the end.

Pill pockets

Cats love treats, so why not sneak a pill into something they love to eat? Bury one in a chunk of food or in a pill pocket. Treats should be small enough for your cat to lick and swallow. Most pills are bitter-tasting, so avoid treats that require lots of chewing.

Liquid meds

Fact about cats: they can choke if liquid meds are given improperly. Be careful and go slow. Keep your cat's head level and gently pry open his mouth with your fingers; aim the syringe in between the cheek and tongue; press down and release the medicine. Afterwards, dole out the treats for good behavior.

Swaddle method

If you've tried everything and your cat is still using your arm as a scratching post, it's time to swaddle. Grab a towel and sit next your kitty. When your cat is relaxed, softly towel wrap her paws like a baby. With the flying claws out of the way, you are free to give the meds as your vet instructed.

Giving your cat medicine takes time, patience and above all, practice. Using tempting treats and creating a calm space are easy ways to help out the next time your cat needs medicine.