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Hats on Cats

Luna, a black-and-white long-haired cat, looked at us blandly as her pet parent, Terri, studied a variety of pint-size hats. "Let's go with the red one!"

We'd been trying get a hat on Luna for the past ten minutes, and so far she'd shaken them all off. "Maybe we could put a red bow on her instead," I suggested.

"C'mon, let's give it one more try."

I relented and picked up the Santa hat with the tiny white pom pom and moved toward Luna.
The cat knew exactly what was coming and took off. Terri groaned.

"Cats aren't meant to wear hats," I said.

"Tell that to all the cats on the Internet," she demurred. "Some are in full outfits."

"Look, I get that it's cute to dress up cats," I said. "But if they're not up for it, don't force it."

"And what about my holiday card?"

I thought for a minute, then offered, "What if I take a photo of you and Luna, except you wear the hat." I perched the tiny hat on her head.

Terri laughed. "Fine. Let's do it." She then called out, "Luna, let's try this again!"