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Get the Scoop on Your Cat's Health

Whether it's an annual check-up or something more serious, a trip to the vet's office is an opportunity to learn more about your cat's health. Get the most out of your visit by asking your vet these importatnt questions.

Is my cat's weight normal?

These days more than 50% of domestic cats are considered obese. Maintaining your cat's proper body weight should be a top priority. During the exam, your vet will determine your cat's ideal weight by factoring in his age and size. Depending on the weight, your vet may suggest a change in diet.

Does my cat need exercise?

Cats love snoozing away in sunny spots, but this doesn't exclude them from exercise. Cats are natural born hunters who love to run, pounce and play. Keeping a cat physically active helps him maintain a healthy body weight and keeps behavioral issues at bay. Vets recommend cats get ten to fifteen minutes of exercise daily for maximum health benefits.

Should I brush my cat's teeth?

Like humans, cats also suffer from dental issues. If rotting teeth are left untreated, feline dental problems can quickly turn serious. Vets recommend brushing your cat's teeth two to three times a week. If your cat is too fussy for this, routine dental exams and special dental treats ensure your cat the proper dental care.

Are vaccinations necessary?

The vaccination controversy is no longer just for kids. Many pet parents wonder if vaccinations are safe for cats too. Vaccinations prevent many deadly diseases including feline Leukemia and rabies. Talk with a vet about vaccinations in order to make informed decisions regarding your cat's health.

Opening a dialogue with your vet guarantees your best feline friend will be in good health for many years to come.