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Gemini Cat (May 21-June 20): I Want to Be Alone. And Then I Don’t!

When you bring home a Gemini kitty, it's like getting two cats in one. While they aren't exactly the feline version of Jekyll and Hyde, they are prone to mood swings. One minute they are perfectly content curled on top of your laptop, only to get up and stalk out of the room in a snit, tail twitching and ears back. Best not to try to coax them out of their mood—they'll either ignore you or give you a look. They don't want comfort or understanding, they just want to be left alone. Never fear, soon enough they'll return to their happy, sociable self, acting like nothing ever happened. So please don't bring it up: they hate to be questioned, or worse, laughed at.

A double life

That said, these furry natives delight in their humans. In fact, they like the company of people so much they've been known to have two separate families who know nothing of the other, where they are fed, pampered and allowed to watch Animal Planet

Smart and adventursome

Gemini cats never act their age and are kittenish well into adulthood. They shun naps and would rather go out and prowl at all hours of the day and night. They do best as indoor-outdoor cats, and are so ingenious that they will figure out how to open doors, disable cat flaps or just charm their pet parents into letting them out. They get along best with tireless, free-spirited people whose feelings aren't easily hurt. Air signs, like Libra, Aquarius and another Gemini are best, as well as fellow mutable sign, Sagittarius.

Most desirable qualities: intelligent, charming, enjoy human company
Least desireable qualities: changeable, aloof, needs tons of activity