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For the Love of Kitties

My good friend Stephanie, who founded the cat rescue where I volunteer, should be considered a natural treasure. She tirelessly devotes her time to creating a secure and healthy environment for cats without families, and works with a dedicated group of volunteers to find them new homes. She knows everything there is to know about felines, so she's the first person I go to with a cat concern that isn't obviously health related.

Lately, a few cat lover clients had expressed interest in starting their own rescue. I turned them over to Stephanie to give them the lowdown on what it involved. I got educated in the process, too. It requires commitment, suitable property to shelter the kitties, financial resources, nonprofit status and partnerships with vets, among other things. It's a big job and not something to be taken lightly. Once I learned all this, I had a deeper respect for people like Stephanie, who open their hearts and lives as they help to make a better place for animals.