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Finding the Purrfect Fit

The best part of my job as a professional organizer is I get to meet lots of people: new projects and clients come in and out of my life all the time. Which is a great way for me to find new pet parents for the cats I'm fostering.

If some people talk openly about wanting a pet, I set them up on a kitty blind date with the foster cat and let the magic happen...or not. But usually I don't do anything but keep my eyes and ears open, waiting for that special someone to come along. The one who'll mesh perfectly with the foster cat.

I'm a bit like a cat matchmaker in that way. I know a lot about cats and their quirky behaviors and I know a lot about what makes people tick. (Thanks to my job, too.) Sometimes I know what they want in a pet before they do! So far, I've found loving homes for 12 cats. When a cat and a prospective parent instantly bond, it's a thrilling moment. I've made another successful match and my work is done.